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Bula and greetings everyone.


Welcome to 24th issue of the Pacific Energiser, the first since the Third Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Ministers’ Meeting in Tonga on 24 - 28 April 2017. It is therefore proper that we take time in this issue to reflect on the outcome of the meeting.

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Pacific Energiser Issue 24


Once again, hearty thanks to those who have contributed to the current issue and we welcome comments/suggestions on the newsletter.


A SPC prioritisation process identified the need to harmonise and integrate existing programmes for improved delivery and efficiency including cost effectiveness.


The process included the merger of the Geoscience Division (GSD) and Economic Development Division (EDD), which concluded to a newly established Geosciences, Energy and Maritime (GEM) Division of SPC. The Georesources and Energy Programme is one of the three areas of scientific programming of the GEM Division.


With this merger, in coming future, we will be organising an external visibility and communications survey to review newsletter content and identify target audience etc and will be requesting your support to actively participate in the survey.


Enjoy reading!!

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